Quest Security Solutions has been acquired by PMT Security

Quest Security Solutions has been acquired by PMT Security

The Quest management team is excited to announce that PMT Security Systems has acquired the Quest business. This is a strategic move by both organisations to provide ongoing high standards of service to our customers. The move also provides stability and a larger pool of experienced, talented professionals to service the market.

All efforts have been made to make the transition as seamless as possible to ensure the least amount of disruption to Quest’s business and customers. There will be no foreseeable change to the way the company conducts business, and both teams are laser-focused on making the transition totally seamless. 

The acquisition provides Quest customers with new opportunities, access to more products and services and a wider choice of solutions both now and in the future.

About PMT:

  • PMT Security is a family owned and operated Australian business founded in 1979 with approximately 130 staff across Australia. 
  • The company has offices in all capital cities (except Canberra).
  • PMT is a traditional systems integrator, with many similarities to Quest – its core business areas focus on retail, corrections, data centres, commercial real estate and more. 
  • The company has many nationwide customers, a lot of them household names.