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Assured Safety and Security Powered by Data Intelligence

Do your security solutions maximise efficiencies, anticipate risk and protect you from emerging threats?

At Quest, we believe the design of superior security solutions starts with a holistic view of the Enterprise and a deep dive into areas of vulnerability (and the connection points between them) to reduce risk, improve efficiencies and ensure a safe and secure environment.

We engage with you early. Our team will work with you to design, deploy and support a flexible platform for growth – one that ensures interoperability with existing and evolving technology, meets your compliance requirements, and informs better decision making over the full contract lifecycle from mobilisation to ongoing comprehensive managed services.

We integrate and innovate. We will enhance your security posture by removing disparate, siloed systems, and drive smarter predictability and situational awareness through artificial intelligence, advanced video data and behavioural analytics.

Collaboration and Consultation

Quest consultants work with you to assess the needs of your Enterprise and establish a strategic roadmap underpinned by continuous capability assessments to improve your security posture. We examine how to reduce disparate systems and maximise value from technology to enhance and improve efficiencies to reduce OPEX and Total Cost of Ownership for your business.

Engineering and Design

We adopt a design first approach and maintain a safety-in-design objective throughout your security capability lifecycle. We bring the depth of experience and track record as a leading systems integrator to design and commission the right technology to complement your existing security environment with the flexibility to respond to the future needs and compliance requirements of your Enterprise.

Mobilisation and Delivery

Our project team engage early with you to perform an in-depth risk analysis of your Enterprise, assessing risk maturity and work to uncover opportunities from the assessment. Our expert project planning and knowledge gained deploying mission critical infrastructure in live environments will ensure minimal disruption to operations and mitigate risk to your business.

Managed Services

Throughout the contract lifecycle we will enhance your security posture, conducting ongoing security maturity assessments and innovation workshops, with a relentless focus on maximising efficiencies to lower the cost of operations. Our inhouse team of highly trained, certified personnel provide the quality assurance for all operating procedures and reporting requirements align with your requirements. Rapid response to any incident is assured through our dedicated 24/7 support desk.

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Business Solutions

Integrated Application Management

Implementing an integrated security platform will greatly enhance whole-of-site situational awareness, maximise system interoperability, improve threat assessment and response times. Through one centralised view, you can control all your security systems from access control, video surveillance, perimeter detection, intruder detection to fire and life safety systems in a unified user interface. At Quest we can design, deploy and support the optimum Physical Security Information Manager (PSIM) solution to suit your business independent of any one vendor or product.

Data Analytics

Our specialist engineers and solution architects are at the forefront in leading data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse data captured (historical and current) and deploy smart algorithms to predict and deter potential security threats or operational disruption. With smart analytics we will increase your business continuity, reduce risk and cost to the business, and enhance your overall security posture while informing better decision making over emerging threats. This extends into the line of business where the data generated through AI on video enables the business to enrich the customer experience, which drives revenue.

Electronic Security Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of security, operational, line of business and safety applications enable Quest to create a comprehensive solution architecture. This includes the use of enterprise grade Video Management System (VMS) and Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS) as the company’s core platforms. Quest integrates systems such as incident management systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), fire, HR systems, visitor management, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and other third party applications with an available Software Development Kit (SDK) to build tailored solutions that will best deliver on your business requirements.

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Security Solutions Tailored to your Industry Needs

At Quest, we bring the global foresight, local industry experience and the track record to deliver the right solution for your Enterprise and Industry Sector.


Quest offers security solutions for the aviation sector that integrate multiple technologies, including video surveillance, access control, swing function, Flight Information Display Systems, AI and video recognition to deter and detect threats. Real-time vision and control from a central control room allows whole-of-precinct monitoring across security control points, terminals, parking, aprons, runways, and perimeters to support airport operations.


Quest designs and implements tailored security solutions with a focus on safety and operational efficiency that provide effective whole-of-precinct supervision. Our enterprise grade video surveillance solutions provide our clients vision across their multi-site production processes. Well-designed security solutions help our clients ensure safety protocols are followed to minimise injuries and reduce operational downtime.

Places of Mass Gathering

Quest provides security solutions for places of mass gathering, including sports stadiums and entertainment precincts. Our admission control systems improve the customer experience by providing fast, efficient entry for patrons while preventing unauthorised access. Sophisticated video surveillance provides whole-of-precinct supervision and allows personnel to rapidly respond to potential threats.